Our Story

Rich in History
Bounded by Tradition

Hunter Espresso team

Our team are simply passionate about what they do, delivering expert service and consistency that will guide you through each day as they bring you back to life.


Drew has been cooking amazing food for nearly two decades.
Upon arrival in Newcastle, he obtained employment in one of Newcastle's best cafes and then as a Chef for Rascals where he rightly earnt his place.


Danielle commenced her career in hospitality at the tender age of 16 years old. She managed an array of restaurants and cafe's in her hometown of Byron Bay.
Her and Drew opened up their own restaurant in Byron Bay after which they moved to Newcastle where Danielle worked with one of Newcastle's renowned cafe with a ten million dollar turn over. Danielle is a peoples person and is driven by delivering excellence in customer service.

Hunter Espresso plays host to a number of wholesome food and beverage offerings, creating the perfect escape when you need it the most.

At Hunter Espresso we are always excited to meet new people and deliver refreshing moments in each persons day. Whether you prefer the morning pick-me-up routine, down time for lunch-time or the feeling of awesomeness in the afternoon, we will never fail in delivering moments that help you escape.