Looking for Picnic Catering Services in Wollongong?

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Picnic Catering

Picnic Catering is the ideal way to celebrate summertime. Summer is the best time of the year to enjoy a picnic. It is also the most expensive time of the year to go on a picnic. Hunter Espresso provides the perfect solution to all your picnic needs. Picnic catering services are a great alternative to outdoor meals when it comes to parties, festivals and other special occasions. Picnic catering providers offer a wide range of services to cater for every taste and budget.

Picnic Catering Services in Wollongong
Picnic Catering Services in Wollongong

Picnic Catering companies usually prepare a full grown picnic menu that includes steaks, chicken, sausages, pastas, salads, vegetable salads, dessert, beverages such as soda, fruit juices, coffee and tea. A picnic catering menu can be as simple or as colorful as you wish. It can consist of items like grilled vegetables, fresh salads, fresh steamed seafood, cold meats, baked beans, steamed veggies, pastas and the list goes on. Picnic catering providers have professional chefs who prepare delicious menus using top quality ingredients.

What Does Picnic Catering Company Offers?

A picnic catering business often serves drinks like soda, beer and juice to guests. One popular beverage that is preferred by guests is the BBQ Sauce. BBQ Sauce comes in different sizes, flavors and colors. Many picnic catering businesses use artificial BBQ sauce so that they do not have to worry about ruining a picnic lunch. The use of real BBQ sauce adds a more authentic flavor to the meal.

It is important that the BBQ Sauce is chosen according to the time of the year. An example of the best picnic catering services would be those which prepare their lunches and dinners on the weekends. They serve cold beverages and light snacks to guests.

Food Preparation for Picnic Catering

It is important to understand the different methods and food preparation processes involved in making an authentic company picnic catering menu. It is vital to keep some guidelines in mind while serving BBQ Sauce. The first method is to heat grill the onions, celery and garlic. This will reduce the amount of salt, sugar and the level of acidity present in the beef and chicken meat. BBQ Sauce should be allowed to cool down after being cooked in the coals for a few minutes, before serving to the guests.

Hunter's Catering services also serve drinks like beers, wines and juices. It is imperative to choose the perfect picnic catering menu according to the specific tastes of the guests. Many Picnic Catering companies prepare menus that are specific to events like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. The foods served in these kinds of events usually vary depending on the theme of the event. For instance, for a beach wedding, there are various delicacies like sea foods and salads.

Provision of Chairs and Tables

Our Catering services also include the provision of chairs and tables for the guests. It is crucial to make sure that the tables and chairs are kept neat and clean at all times. In addition, the tables and chairs should be well maintained so that the guests do not have any problems during the reception. At the end of the reception, the caterer would provide the cutlery to the guests. The caterer may require the guests to bring their cutlery to the catering service.

The Picnic Catering service provider normally provides the utensils, tableware, cutlery and napkins along with the Picnic Supplies. These services are usually provided for an additional fee. The Picnic Supplies generally includes cups, plates, silverware, dessert plates, paper ware, and salad bowl. However, it is not mandatory to purchase all these products from the same catering service provider.

Food & Dishes We Offer

Most Picnic Catering companies offer several different kinds of picnic dishes and foods. These include the likes of the famous hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, roasted potatoes, French fries, cabbage sticks, potato salad, turkey patties, beef stew, roast beef, and sweet potato pie. Picnic Supplies is also offered by different companies such as German potato salad, Reuben sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, macaroni and cheese with tuna salad, French dip sandwich, and shrimp cocktail. Companies offering a variety of delicious dishes also offer baked beans, fresh seafood, and finger foods such as hot dogs. These companies usually have specialty dishes that cater to the needs of individuals who are traveling and who are unable to satisfy their cravings through the conventional ways.

The most popular Picnic Supplies is the hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and the grilled cheese. Picnic Supplies can be purchased either in packages or individually according to the needs of individuals. There are certain companies that sell their products in bulk and at very affordable prices. Some of the Picnic Supplies such as the hamburgers and the hot dogs are available in packages containing two hamburgers, six cheese, six hamburger buns, six shrimp, and six potato chips.


Picnic Supplies like the grilled cheese and the Reuben sandwiches are made of different ingredients but the basic ingredients are mostly the same. One difference is that the Reuben is served with tomato sauce whereas the grilled cheese is served without sauce. Both the meals are prepared by the grill master and guests are served by the on-site servers. The grill master prepares the beef, roasted vegetables, fresh vegetables, and any toppings as well as the bottled water and other beverages according to the theme of the party. The Bottled water is also provided in packages.