Coffee Culture of Australia

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Coffee Culture in Australia

Coffee culture is an interesting aspect of Australian society and culture. The popularity of this drink is not new by any means. In fact, it is probably one of the oldest beverages in the world. The origins of the drink date back to the 16th century when it was discovered in the Java Mountains of South-East Asia.

Back then the coffee was used mainly for brewing and to make black tea. As time passed, the popularity of this drink boomed. Soon enough, coffee recipes were developed and there were several varieties of coffee beans grown and roasted over there. After a great deal of study, it was realized that the dark roast had the best flavor. And so the coffee bean collection was expanded. Nowadays there are about sixty different kinds of coffee beans from which the varieties of coffees have been developed.

Coffee Culture in Australia
Coffee Culture in Australia

Production & Distribution of Coffee in Australia

The Coffee Culture of Australia If you think about the overall coffee culture of Australia, you will soon realize that the main focus of the country is on the production and distribution of coffee. It is the biggest producer of coffee in the entire world. To produce that much coffee is a huge feat. First of all, there are about two hundred and fifty different coffee species which are grown in the country. Then the coffee trees need about five years to mature for producing just one cup of coffee. So there are plenty of coffee crops produced per year.

Coffee Beans

Naturally, most of the coffee beans are Arabica. But due to careful planning and research, some other varieties also grow in abundance. For example, you will find Sunbrella and Excelsa coffee beans being grown in Australia. Another variety, Robusta is also found in abundance and is usually preferred over Arabica for production. These two varieties account for about forty percent of all coffee beans produced in the entire country.

The Coffee Pourers A group of Australian expatriates is known as the coffee pourers. They are the ones who actually grind the coffee beans. They use special equipment and methods in order to get every bean out of the coffee bush. They are considered specialists and have their own shops where people pay them for their grinding services.

Coffee Making: A Long Traditional Culture of Australians

Coffee making is also closely associated with another aspect of the Australian culture, which is tea. It is a very old tradition that was adopted by settlers and later on spread to other parts of the world, especially in Western Europe. Some of the best tasting teas come from Australia. It is said that Aborigines made this concoction from the finest tea leaves they could find. At present, the best teas are derived from the bush around Mount Cargill, which is also where the coffee grows.

Another interesting fact about this coffee-tea relationship is that most Aborigines began drinking this beverage in the mid nineteenth century. It is said that this was the time when the first coffee crops were grown and exported to Western countries. In addition, the Aborigines also used it as a sanitary protection against the harsh elements of the Australian continent. As such, they mixed it with their animal dung in order to create a kind of tea that could help heal them from various ailments.

Versions of This Drink

When we look at both the Western and the Eastern versions of this drink, we can see the influences of both cultures. It has also been noted that caffeine affects our sleeping patterns. Thus, the best time to have your morning "jolt" is either in the morning or in the afternoon.

Coffee houses have gained popularity in many cities of Australia. These are especially common in Sydney and Melbourne. Although coffee houses do serve different purposes, one thing stays the same: making people happy by providing them with a hot cup of coffee. In fact, you will even find them clustered in areas like Parkes Street and Oxford Street.


Apart from these cafes, there are also other places where you can have your cup of coffee. For instance, you can head to the Hunter Espresso at Wollongong & Charlestown. Hunter espresso is well known in wollongong for their great breakfast & coffee.