Coffee Beans From All Over the Australia

Coffee Beans
Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Coffee Culture in Australia

If you are an aficionado of all things gourmet, then you will love to know that Australia is one of the world's leading suppliers of a number of top quality coffees. In fact, it is also a land of many outstanding coffee growing regions, from Barossa Valley in South Australia, to Blue Mountain Coffee in Victoria, to the renowned Big Banana Wood in South Australia, to Lake MacDonnell in Western Australia. For many years, this country was known as the "Land of Smoked Coffee", because of the reputation of the local smoky barista. Nowadays, there are so many coffee shops and cafes around the country, that it is hard to keep track of them all. As such, it is best if you can spend a bit of time looking at some of the more popular Australian coffee growing regions, and their offerings.

Coffee Beans from Hunter Espresso

The largest city in Australia, Sydney is home to some of the country's finest and most popular cafes, bars, restaurants and shopping arcades. It is also a melting pot of people from different parts of the country, with many of them speaking English. This city is considered a cultural "mecca" for travelers, with its array of shopping arcades, cafes, and restaurants. It is also home to some of the world's most popular international chain of coffee shops, including Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Dunkin Donuts.

Sydney: A City of Cafes & Restaurants

Although Sydney is home to many cafes and restaurants, it is also a popular tourist spot for those interested in buying coffee beans, to enjoy the real taste of a native Aussie. There are many varieties of coffee grown in this city, and quite a few have earned worldwide recognition. Some of these include the Big Red Coffee, White Coffee, Black Coffee, organic fair trade and organic coffee. These coffee varieties are grown in different areas of the city.

The Hunter Valley is in the Northern Bathroom Range of New South Wales. It is a region renowned for its coffee, with the highest production of Big Red Coffee. The area produces about 5 million cups of coffee every year. Other local producers include Penelope Gold, Mountain Creek Organics and Mountain River Organics. The area also provides local employment to many of the farmers who grow the coffee they sell to you.

Coffees from Other States

The Western Australia coffee is probably the most widely-known variety, as it is one of the world's most expensive coffees. The original flavor of this coffee is a medium-brown, which gradually develops into a darker shade of brown with darker marks. It is often labeled as Australian Black Coffee, owing to the use of the term "black" in its title. It is grown on slopes along the coastal areas. This variety is also noted for having an earthy aroma. Its caffeine level is moderate, which makes it suitable for all consumers, young or old.

Kalkupan Coffee

Kalkupan Coffee is another popular variety of coffee from Australia. It is noted for its unique aroma that is described as having that of coffee beans floating in water. However, they are harvested in such a way that they produce a deep-colored golden color, which is usually only found in select varieties of coffee. The beans used for this variety are hand-picked, hand-sunned and allowed to mature in a natural environment of full sunshine. Like Kalkupan Coffee, it too is a great choice for coffee drinkers the world over.

Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee is another variety, this time from Hawaii. It is prized not only for its rich flavor but because it is rare. There are only about 400 of this coffee trees left, making them rarer than any other variety of coffee. Kona Coffee offers a bold roast flavor and a rich aroma.


All of the coffee beans produced by these premium companies are roasted to full perfection. They are tested for their acidity levels and color before being packed into specialty boxes and sold to consumers all over the world. For this reason, Kona Coffee and Kalkupan Coffee are considered as a precious commodity. Coffee bean companies produce quality coffee beans and deliver exceptional tasting blends to customers around the world.