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Coffee Beans
Saturday, March 27, 2021

Coffee Beans

A coffee bean is actually a seed of Coffee species and the primary source for coffee worldwide. It's the small hole inside the black or green fruit of the Coffea species often referred to as a black cherry. Just like other ordinary black cherries, the coffee bean is also a hard so-called stone fruit. It is the edible part of the coffee plant, which consists of the essential oil.

The coffee bean has a hard exoskeleton with four to six ribs which protect it from being destroyed by airborne insects during transportation. The coffee bean also has a fleshy interior and a smooth surface - this is it's true shape. The coffee bean's taste buds are located on its side, behind its stem. They actually have nerve endings, which send out a taste sensation when hit by one's tongue.

Coffee Beans Varieties
Coffee Beans Varieties

Cultivation of Coffee Beans

The coffee bean is cultivated primarily in four countries: Hawaii, Tanzania, Kenya, and Madagascar. These regions produce the majority of coffee beans. Hawaii and Madagascar produce both caffeinated and decaffeinated beans, while Kenya produces only excels beans. Caffeine and decaffeinated beans differ largely because the latter contain only trace amounts of tannin, whereas the former contain large amounts of methamphetamine (which act as antioxidants). Excels beans are harder to grow than caffeinated beans, which explains why the taste of excess beans is more bitter than caffeinated ones.

The coffee bean is noted for its high oil contents, which makes it a perfect food for insects that destroy crops. Its flesh is rich in natural compounds called catechist, which are powerful natural antioxidants. The coffee bean contains many different types of natural compounds that were discovered by botanists during the flowering period of the coffee tree. These compounds protect the plant against soil borne disease, fight off weeds, and ward off insects which destroy the coffee bean.

Anatomy of Coffee Beans

Coffees are made up of three basic parts: the outer skin, the stems, and the roots. The stems of coffee beans are covered with a protective membrane called the papilla which has hairs along its length. The papilla provides the coffee bean with protection from harmful soil borne pathogens while the hairs in the outer skin provide the coffee bean with heat and protection against the air.

Arabica plants are known for their ability to grow fast and to reproduce rapidly. This trait makes them a popular choice for coffee production in the Southeast Asia region. Arabica plants in the coffee production area typically grow to be more than seven meters tall. They can also survive the intense temperatures of the desert regions of SE Asia. In addition, Arabica plants in the coffee production areas of Southeast Asia are known for their pleasant flavor, aroma, and aroma properties.

Humic acid In coffee is a complex mixture of amino acids produced by bacteria within the bean's outer surface. Humic acid contributes to the coffee's flavor and taste. When coffee is roasted, some of the H AA becomes released into the brewing liquid. By choosing organic Arabica coffees, you are increasing your chances of getting the rich flavor and aroma that comes from drinking coffee that was produced using only natural whole coffee beans.


Coffee is grown at higher altitudes has a richer flavor. As a result, coffee grown in high altitudes can be costly compared to coffee grown at lower altitudes. High Altitudes can also be treacherous for coffee growing on plots in the shade or coastal areas. In addition, coffee grown in higher altitudes can withstand more drought and more wind. Due to the challenges inherent to growing coffee at high altitudes, many coffee growing regions are now shifting to more suitable growing conditions, such as plots in the shade and in coastal areas.

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